Adventurers Anonymous Podcast

By Adventurers Anonymous

A group of dangerously codependent British misfits gather around a microphone, sip cocktails, and seek a glorious demise in a Dungeons & Dragons-themed actual play comedy podcast.

With a cast that includes a failed Crocoborn sorcerer, turned children’s party entertainer, a dirty old human priest, on the brink of the afterlife, a retired half-orc police officer, a sassy blue Tiefling, surrounded by bees and a retired Gnome archer with PTSD. So, if you like your plot lines thin and crispy, and your language to be saltier than a sailor's beard, welcome aboard!

Disappointing the TTRPG & D&D Community since 2020. Not suitable for little ears. This show is mostly improvised and entirely inappropriate. Listener discretion is advised.

A brand new episode every Tuesday.

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