Towards A Feral Free Future

6. Oh deer! We have a problem here

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Episode notes

There are six different species of deer roaming across Australia and their populations are growing both in regional and urban areas. They are an emerging problem for some, but for many the problem is already here.

In this episode we’ll hear from Australia’s newly appointed National Deer Management Coordinator, Dr Annelise Wiebkin, who has the job of priming communities to take action against feral deer.

We’ll also hear from Ted Rowley a Jindabyne farmer who is heavily impacted by feral deer but fighting back slowly and surely.

Finally, we’ll bring in Dr Tony Pople, a scientist with Biosecurity Queensland who is leading Australia’s national deer research collaboration which involves input from all levels of government from federal through to regional councils and environmental NGOs to ensure we are together developing solutions to managing feral deer which can be implemented on farm and within the environment.