Towards A Feral Free Future

7. Livestock producers taking the upper hand with strategic action on wild dogs

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Episode notes

They are a controversial species to manage, where in some areas they are protected and conserved for ecological reasons and in other areas they are managed and culled to avoid livestock predation.

Unfortunately, though, wild dogs are a major issue for livestock producers across Australia, and for many, not just cause economic impacts but social and wellbeing harm as well, with many not being able to rest easy knowing their animals have a threat lurking.

In this episode we’ll talk with Greg Mifsud, the National Wild Dog Management Coordinator, who has the important role of bringing communities together across Australia to manage wild dog impacts, reduce livestock losses and protect environmental assets.

We’ll also hear from two feral predator research experts working at different ends of Australia, Dr Peter Fleming from NSW DPI who is leading a number of projects across the east coast looking at the most effective approaches to managing wild dog impacts both in the environment and across agriculture, and Dr Tracey Kreplins from the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development who is leading a number of projects across the west coast.

Baiting, shooting, trapping, fences and more – they are all used to manage wild dogs, but are we doing it effectively and with impact?