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Live Special: The Arrow Innovation Support Programme

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Episode notes

In this episode we take a break from the studio and are delighted to be guests of Newcastle University, recording in the Catalyst, with a dynamic community of dynamic businesses and research specialists, working collaboratively to develop products and services.

The main focus is on the Arrow project, and why four of the North East’s Universities (Newcastle University, Durham University, Sunderland University and Northumbria University) are involved in helping business access knowledge to

·       Develop a new product or service

·       Undertake research and development

·       Gain proof of concept and validation

·       Develop your MVP

·       Access research facilities and equipment

·       Gain research insights

Arrow’s targeted innovation projects are fully-funded and open to businesses based in County Durham, North Tyneside, Newcastle and Northumberland. Arrow has already helped over 150 businesses in the region innovate. 

Guests include four representatives from the universities and two business owners who have partnered with Arrow. 

The panel features Chris Angus, Programme Manager for Arrow from Newcastle University, Mike Jurowski, Business Development Manager from Sunderland University, Andrea Zachariou, Senior Innovation Associate from Durham University and Jenny Taylor, Executive Director of Research and Innovation Services from Northumbria University.

We are also joined by 2 people who have gained valuable knowledge and support from Arrow. Janine Craig, Founder of Shop by Shape, an AI product to help minimise waste in the fashion industry and Dik Barton, Founder and COO of Armatrex, a company developing expanding foam for use as an inflatable splint for use in emergency situations.

To find out more about the Arrow project visit arrowinnovation.org.uk


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