Cello Stories: Songs, music and stories from Beanstalk Arts

By Beanstalk Arts

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Join Becky and her cello for a new musical storytelling adventure with every episode! Sing, dance and play along with original songs, real instruments and re-tellings of some of your favourite traditional tales!

Becky is a professional storyteller and early years practitioner, and runs regular storytime sessions with Beanstalk Arts in South East London, and writes and performs original kids music with her band 'Becky, Boris and the Beats'.If you're really enjoying this podcast, you can support Beanstalk Arts by buying us a virtual coffee at https://ko-fi.com/beanstalkarts (or of course you can come to a real life class or buy something from our online shop on our website at www.beanstalkarts.co.uk)

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