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89. $180K/Month: How to Dominate Google with SEO

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Have you ever wondered how to rank on Google with your business website? SEO is the answer, and Kyle Roof is the expert. In this episode he’ll share how to start an SEO agency that brings in $180,000 a month–even in the era of generative AI.

Kyle didn’t set out to start an SEO agency. He got started in 2014 when a friend and business partner took a new job and needed someone to take over his SEO clients. From these accidental beginnings, the two of them came together to found an agency–and High Voltage SEO has been thriving ever since. 

One way High Voltage SEO stood out from their competition was by running SEO tests. In this interview, Kyle will explain how this gave them an edge in the market, as well as what they’re doing today to stay relevant as technology evolves. He’ll also share some insights into how SEO helps pages rank on Google and how to use these strategies to grow a brand’s digital footprint. 


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