Women on a Mission with Sue Revell

By Sue Revell
If you are (or aspire to be!) a woman on a mission, this is the podcast for you – especially if you’re feeling stuck or held back by unhelpful thinking. There are so many things that can stop us from stepping into the unknown, fulfilling our calling or reaching our full potential, and they nearly all begin with one thing. Our thoughts! Those pesky, slippery but convincing thoughts that I hear all the time from clients, like but I’m just little old me and who am I to do that?

Join me, Sue Revell, inside-out leadership coach and your host for these beautifully human conversations with world changing women. Women who have learned how to navigate their own resistance so that they can be in flow and make the world a better place. I’ll be alternating guest episodes, where I talk to the woman behind the mission, with shorter and reflective pods where I look back on the interview to make sure that you and I, together, squeeze out every drop of learning.

Join me!

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