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5: Ukraine Crisis: Russia’s ‘cruise missile diplomacy’ & NATO’s Response

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Episode notes

This episode sees WARSHIPS IFR Editor Iain Ballantyne and intelligence affairs specialist Chris Carr looking at naval aspects of the Ukraine Crisis. They ponder the prospect of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and the associated moves at sea by both Moscow’s and NATO’s task groups.

The topics include: plans for live-firing exercises by Russian warships off Ireland that may be an end in themselves - to assist the Kremlin’s diplomatic efforts - or a prelude to long-range cruise missiles strikes on Ukraine; whether or not the real objective off Ireland is to destroy the West’s undersea Internet cables; the likely purpose of a Russian amphibious warfare task group sailing across the Mediterranean and headed for the Black Sea.

The discussion touches on: China’s perspective on what is happening and whose side Beijing probably favours; how today’s situation compares to the Cuban Missile Crisis of the early 1960s; a possible new ‘Iron Curtain.’ 

Iain also tells us how, as a young journalist, he sailed into the Barents Sea at the end of the Cold War while ‘embedded’ in the British intelligence-gathering warship HMS London. It was a historic voyage that even saw the frigate sail downriver to Murmansk, into the lair of the Russian Bear.

• Iain Ballantyne is the Editor of WARSHIPS International Fleet Review magazine. 
For more details on the magazine  http://bit.ly/wifrmag

• Chris Carr is a London-based film director and producer who hosts his own podcast, called “Secrets & Spies” on which he interviews authors and former spies about the world of intelligence. He is also the producer of the WARSHIPS POD. For more information on Chris and his work visit https://www.chriscarr.co.uk