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015 The Importance of Equality and Fair Pricing with Michelle Gyimah

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Episode notes

In today's episode I talk to my friend Michelle Gyimah, Director of Equality Pays, a gender and ethnicity equality consultancy. Michelle works in the corporate world and yet the conversation applies to businesses as well. We talk about moving to Spain during COVID and having to rebuild her business, the benefits of being visible and how that impacts the way you are seen as an organisation and how ensuring the price you quote feels right for you.

I can't wait to hear what you think of the episode.

About Michelle:

Michelle Gyimah is the Director of Equality Pays, a gender and ethnicity equality consultancy dedicated to closing workplace pay gaps and normalising workplace money conversations..With gender pay gap reporting regulation, possible ethnicity pay gap reporting and increasing attention to pay transparency, the ability to hold better pay conversations is even more important than ever.Michelle is a passionate advocate for closing pay gaps in more workplaces. She does this by equipping managers and employees to hold better conversations about pay and pay progression in the workplace whilst radically rethinking and reframing their relationship with making money decisions at work.Michelle’s unique understanding of employee engagement, workplace challenges and personal experiences enables her to embed practical application into her consultancy. Michelle has over 8 years’ experience of working at the Equality and Human Rights Commission and holds a Masters in Human Rights from The University of Manchester. Michelle is a regular contributor to numerous podcasts, business magazines, international conferences and lives in Valencia, Spain.   Corporate organisations can book a 30 minute free call.   Webiste: Linkedin:

About Julie:

Julie is serial entrepreneur and community engagement strategist with more than 20 years experience, a business mentor, keynote speaker, and 10 times author, including her latest book Leading from the back. Julie has grown multiple six figure businesses and is passionate about supporting small business owners to achieve their goals. The BIGGER THAN YOU movement has been developed to inspire people to take action and move past their fears.

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