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97. Listening To, Leveraging & Letting Go of Anxiety w/ Tracy Dennis-Tiwary, Psychologist, Author, Researcher, Podcaster

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When we change the way we think about anxiety we open up a world of possibility. But how do we shift our mindset? Today’s guest; Psychologist, Researcher, Author and co-host of the ‘Psychologists Off the Clock’ podcast, Tracy Dennis-Tiwary PhD shows us. She beautifully explains that anxiety and hope go hand-in-hand between where we are now and where we want to be, how we can apply the three L’s; Listening, Leveraging and Letting Go to develop emotional fitness and the practical strategies we have at our fingertips to create more space between having an experience and reacting to it.

Tracy A. Dennis-Tiwary, Ph.D. is a researcher, entrepreneur, and author of the book Future Tense: Why Anxiety is Good for You (Even Though it Feels Bad. She is a professor of psychology and neuroscience and Director of the Emotion Regulation Lab at The City University of New York. As Founder and CSO of Arcade Therapeutics, she translates neuroscience and cognitive therapy techniques into game-based treatments for mental health. She has published over 100 scientific articles and delivered over 400 presentations at academic conferences and for corporate clients. She has been featured throughout the media, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NPR, Netflix, ABC, CBS, CNN, The Today Show, and Bloomberg Television.


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