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Little Dome: October 2014 (A Spookily Hot Halloween)

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Episode notes

Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears reminisce about Halloween but, because we're talking 2014, it's the hottest Halloween on record. Plus - the rise and rise of the SNP and some stuff about washing lines in Treorchy. Not sure that last bit is particularly 2014-specific, now I type it out.

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We briefly mention a documentary Gareth made for BBC Radio 4 back in 2014. Do you want to hear a nearly decade-old programme about a political issue which has changed an awful lot in the intervening years? I mean, it's here if you want to. A more up-to-date (and potentially even sillier) take on the same subject, also by Gareth but for BBC Radio Wales this time, is available here.

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