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S2 Ep 2: Lawyers and citizens taking on big oil for a just transition

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Episode notes

In this second episode of our climate justice series, we explore what the growing strategic litigation movement can mean for climate justice. We speak to Tessa Khan, a leading environmental and human rights lawyer who played an important role in winning landmark court cases, won the 2018 Climate Breakthrough Award and recently set up a new NGO called Uplift. We hear about her decision to focus her fight on a just and fossil fuel-free UK. How is she taking one of the most powerful industries in the world and why does she think we will win? And how to come together across movements - from environmental activists to former oil workers- to build true climate justice?  This and more in episode 2!

To find out more about  Tessa Khan  and her work  check out:

The Case Against Public Money for Oil and Gas : 

Cambo Oil Field:

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