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S2 Ep 5: Climate justice NOW - what's next for the movements?

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Episode notes

In this fifth and final episode of the series on climate justice, we look back on what we have heard and discuss what’s next for climate justice movements.
We are joined by not one, but two, climate justice power houses and ask them where we are at and what action is most needed today. Tasneem Essop is the director of CAN I’nal, one of the biggest global climate networks, building coalitions with over 1500 organizations. She started out as an anti-apartheid activist and served as Provincial Minister in South Africa. Farhana Yamin is a renowned environmental lawyer that advises climate vulnerable countries and played a big role in getting the Paris agreement, only to decide she would become a rebel and glued herself to the Shell headquarters. Their stories help us dive deeper into the most pressing strategic questions climate activists are facing today. They challenge the way many have been working in the climate space and give practical ideas on what can be done for radical inclusion and transforming power. PS: You also get to meet our producer Elizabeth Maina!

To find out more about  Tasneem and Farhana  and their work  check out:

Climate Action Network (CAN) Website

Farhana Yamin Website

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