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S2 Ep 4: Art and civil disobedience - our last resort for climate justice?

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Episode notes

In 2015, 1500 activists blocked a brown coal mine in West Germany. It was the start of one of the most radical and effective European movements using peaceful civil disobedience and direct action for climate justice. Last year the art exhibition ‘People Powered Movement vs Shell’ showed decades of resistance to the injustices of an oil giant. Chihiro Geuzenbroek is a Bolivian-Dutch activist, artist and filmmaker, who played an important part in both events - and many more in a decade of climate movement building. We ask her why it is so important to take a radical approach and how citizen’s direct action, but also arts and music, can help us turn the tide. We explore what it means to build decolonial and anti-racist movements and organizations for climate justice.

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