Not Another Love Song

By Matt Edmondson

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Matt Edmondson is on a mission to create an album. The only problem is, he's never written a song before. He can't sing, he can't play any instruments, and he can barely clap in time to the beat... but he does love a challenge. When the world went a bit weird in 2020, and he found himself with an unexpected amount of free time, he decided to try and learn songwriting and music production from scratch (thank you youtube tutorials) - he just needed some musicians to collaborate with.

So, he slid into the DM's of ten of his favourite artists and asked if they wanted to write a song with him. Amazingly, they all said yes.

In this brand new series you'll hear Matt and his guest have a funny chat, figure out what to write a song about and collaborate on the lyrics and melody before Matt takes their rough work off to 'The Lab' (aka the spare bedroom) to produce it up into a fully fledged pop song- letting you in on the process he went through to make the track.

He'll then play the full song back for his guest, and for you, at the end of the podcast.

With subjects ranging from Hay Fever to Dishwashers, Potatoes to Timothee Chalamet, and Dr Pimple Popper to Crossfit, this could be the most influential album of our generation.

Featuring brand new songs from James Arthur, Griff, Tom Grennan, Holly Humberstone, Tom Walker, Maisie Peters, Bradley Simpson From The Vamps, Becky Hill, Raye and Sigrid.

You can watch lyric videos for select songs here:

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