Teresa Deevy & the Lyrical Bodies Project w/ Una Kealy, Kate McCarthy and Jenny O'Connor

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Episode notes

SETU researchers Dr. Una Kealy and Dr. Kate McCarthy have been involved in research around early 20th century Irish playwright and author Teresa Deevy or some time. Most recently, they are running a project Lyrical Bodies which involves a collaboration with visual artist Amanda Coogan and the Dublin Theatre of the Deaf. Dr. Jenny O'Connor is involved with the project in her capacity as a maker of digital stories, a relatively new medium through which research outputs are disseminated. The podcast gives an overview of Deevy's life and times, her struggles as a feminist writer in early 20th century Ireland and her experiences as a deafened artist. The panel also discuss the Lyrical Bodies project and how that collaboration came about.

This podcast also dovetails with a Mind the Gap Films documentary about Teresa Deevy featuring Amanda Coogan and the Dublin Theatre of the Deaf, which was partly shot in SETU and includes contributions from Una, Kate and Jenny. "Tribute: The Teresa Deevy Story" is broadcast on RTE television on Thursday 10th November 2022 at 10.15pm and will be available on the RTE Player afterwards.

This podcast is also a fist attempt by the SETU podcast team to create a Deaf-accessible podcast. A multi-camera video of the studio recording of the podcast is available (with captions) and another video with an Irish Sign Language (ISL) overlay. A full text transcription of the podcast is also available. 


Captioned Video: https://youtu.be/sZUrYTbO0UE

Video with ISL translation: https://youtu.be/5G2C4G_rsXo 

Full text transcription: https://bit.ly/3UvTxfY