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Thinking Ahead is the tech, science and healthcare podcast from mental health innovators ieso. 

Whether you’re a tech and science aficionado, a clinician, academic, healthcare professional, investor… Or you just like psychology, big data, AI, science and technology and love to keep up to date with the latest breakthroughs, this is the podcast for you.

Our dataset is helping us get to know the world’s mental health like never before. By delivering therapy digitally, we have thousands of hours of anonymised therapy transcripts. From which we’re learning more and more about conditions, causes, symptoms, treatments, and even prevention.

Join us as we explore the AI-driven breakthroughs that are revolutionising mental healthcare.

We talk to mental health pioneers, data scientists, Artificial Intelligence innovators, ground-breaking clinical researchers, and key opinion leaders in mental healthcare.

Be the first to hear about our very latest cutting-edge research, straight from the source

Find out how AI and big data are driving new clinical insights and are unlocking breakthroughs in mental healthcare 

Throughout the episodes we’ll share our game-changing discoveries and delve into topics like:

Does therapy work?

What do patterns in the language patients use mean? 

Can mental health support be automated?

Can we predict the likelihood of patient dropout? Or of recovery? What are the markers?

COVID and mental health treatment – our recent study and its findings

What are the kinds of insights could we learn from our dataset? 

Why are ieso recovery rates at 68% while competitors are at 50%? What is ieso doing well and what could it do even better? 

How do the personality traits of a therapist and their patient affect recovery times?

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If you have any questions about any of the research or topics, email us: [email protected]

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