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Beauty, Truth, Kettle Chips and Wine with Christina Patterson

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Why do we write? 

That’s one of the many questions host Harriet Minter is exploring in the second series of A Truth Universally Acknowledged. In this first episode, Harriet is joined by Writer and Broadcaster Christina Patterson, Christina’s latest book “Outside The Sky  Is Blue” is a life-affirming family memoir. The pair discuss how the creative process is ultimately about the exploration of what it means to live, why creatives find it hard to recognise their success and the cathartic and joyful process of writing.

Harriet has a lovely creative activity for you this week which will re-ignite your senses through a dose of nature.


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman at the start of a midlife crisis needs a creative project.  So writer, journalist and broadcaster Harriet Minter is writing a book….. A “chick-lit” novel (don’t worry, we’ll be discussing that term). A genre that is both critiqued and loved in equal parts.

Join Harriet for the writing journey, as she navigates story arcs, character traits and plots.  In every episode, you’ll hear from authors who have been there and done it and friends who can help crack problems that Harriet has been dealing with in her novel each week. 

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