Scale Ups and Downs

People: Hiring at pace and culture

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Episode notes

Today we’re talking about why creating a company culture and hiring the right people, might just be the most important area to focus on as your company scales.  In the episode, our expert panel including Lyric Jain from Logically, and Talia Hamilton from Google Cloud, give us their best practices and tips for how to pay close attention to these areas.

We invite two founders cutting their teeth in this area, they are Wilfrid Obeng founder of Audio Mob, and Fran Hodgeson founder at Goodbox.

They ask: How to go about hiring and managing 17 people after raising, and what tips do you have for successful working and maintaining culture in a remote setting.

We discuss everything from bringing in external recruiters, founder engagement to storytelling and building a long term culture remotely.

For more info from our panel, please follow their social handles:
Lyric Jain (Logically)
Talia Hamilton (Google Cloud)

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Wilfrid Obeng and Audiomob
Fran Hodgeson and Goodbox