The Way They Were

55: Gareth Gwynn: Hattie Jacques & John Le Mesurier

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Episode notes

This week's episode is a right old Carry On, and then some, as we're transported to bohemian life in 1950s London, thanks to this week's guest, comedy writer and presenter, Gareth Gwynn!

Grainne's deep-dive provides an education into the secret life of this week's star couple, Hattie Jacques & John Le Mesurier, whose public persona of respectability, masked a hotbed of affairs, parties that went on for days, and smokey jazz clubs.

This episode is a lesson in what happens when two eccentrics collide, and it'll make you wish you lived in that world too, where the likes of Tony Hancock, Dudley Moore and a guy called 'Bruce' are key players.

If you know who these legends of 50s, 60s and 70s sitcoms are, then you'll love this nostalgia fest, but if however, like our Chantal, you have NO IDEA about Carry On Films or Dad's Army, then buckle up and enjoy the ride, it's quite an education...

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