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Uncurated: To Infinity and Beyond

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Episode notes

A thesis, glass tubes, a bronze plaque. This is the evidence left to remember world-class atmospheric physicist Jean Laby. She was the first woman to achieve a PhD in the School of Physics in 1956. But on a campus that lacks recognition of historically significant women, this prompts the question: how would Laby have been commemorated if she was a man?

In this week's episode, Jade Murray explores the University of Melbourne Parkville campus to search for the forgotten stories of women in science. 



  • Elisabetta Barberio – Professor of Physics and Director of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence
  • Katie Wood – Senior Archivist at the University of Melbourne Archives
  • Em Bawden - Immunologist from the Peter Doherty Institute
  • Joe Pascoe - Poet and co-curator of the Jean Laby exhibit 


Music and sound effects for this episode of Uncurated were sourced from Pixabay

 ‘Order’ - ComaStudio

Space Chillout’ - penguinmusic

'Tuesday' - amaksi

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