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By Imagen
The photography podcast for those who'd rather be behind the lens than behind a desk. In pursuing professional photography excellence, have you wondered about optimizing your photo workflows to save precious time and resources in your photography business? Welcome to Workflows, a podcast designed for photographers to be your guiding star in your professional journey. Listen today for insights into photography business growth, automation, innovation, and creativity.

Our host, Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a seasoned photographer, battles dyslexia, color blindness, introversion, and anxiety by harnessing the power of structured workflows in his life and photography business. His story epitomizes the transformative potential of efficient workflows in personal and professional challenges within the photography business.

Workflows is presented by Imagen, an AI-based post-production company for photographers. The Workflows podcast aims to simplify the life of professional photographers. Imagen is committed to enriching the conversation around effective workflows and automation, recognizing their crucial role in the success of any photography business.

The Workflows podcast presents many narratives, practical strategies, automation, and innovative tools to revolutionize photographers' operations. Our engaging content derives from professionals' experiences who've battled industry hurdles in their photography businesses and emerged victorious.

So, leave your camera aside, plug in your headphones, and allow Workflows to guide photographers like you toward an optimized, profitable photography business through inspiring stories and insightful strategies.

Additionally, we welcome photographers to the Imagen Community, an active platform to share photo stories, and ideas, and provide mutual support. By joining, you gain access to unique resources, expert guidance, and a community familiar with your challenges in running a photography business.

Don't let valuable time and resources go to waste. Tune in to Workflows today and embark on your journey towards a streamlined, thriving photography business with automation techniques.

Transform your photo dreams into reality with Workflows and Imagen, your partners in achieving excellence in your photography business.

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For photographers who'd rather be out making photos than stuck at a desk: this podcast's for you.

Be on the lookout for the video version of each episode which drops on YouTube a month after airing here. Visit

The show will provide answers to questions like:

- What are the critical elements of a successful photographer's workflow in a photography business?
- How can photographers ensure their photography business workflow, including photo editing, is efficient?
- What types of software can help automate and streamline workflow for photographers and photography businesses?
- What are the benefits of having a consistent photography workflow in a photography business?
- How can photographers use post-processing techniques to improve their photo workflow in a photography business?
- What tips can photographers use to organize their photography business workflow with automation?
- How do you manage your workflow in a photography business to ensure clients receive their pictures on time?
- What processes are essential to improve the efficiency and automation of your photography business workflow?
- How do you manage client communication for a smooth photography business workflow?
- How important is using software to automate tasks in managing your photography business workflow, including picture editing?
- How do you ensure the quality and consistency of your photographs in your photography business?

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