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Jenelle Riley

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“Variety” Deputy Awards and Features Editor, screenwriter, playwright, director, actor and producer Jenelle Riley explores the arts, her inspirations and living with OCD and bipolar disorder. Riley wrote the 2015 short film, “Warning Labels,” directed by Jennifer Morrison, and is the host of Variety's "Actors on Actors," for which she’s won a Daytime Emmy Award and two Los Angeles Emmy Awards. Her theater career began early when her first play, "Just Julie," was published as a teenager. Other plays include "Heart Murmurs and Brain Matter," "The Gemini Project," "Duct Tape and Dreams," "Unholy Matrimony" and "A Kind of Love Story," which she wrote and directed. The latter premiered at Sacred Fools Theatre, earning six L.A. Weekly Award nominations and earning a directing prize for Riley.  She wrote and produced short films like "Auditions," "Crazy Love," "The Perfect Canidate," "Butter Emails" and "Grand Gestures," which she also directed. Acting credits: "The B.P.R.D. Declassified," "A Girl, a Guy, a Space Helmet," "Nobody's Perfect" and "Stealing Forces."