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Thuc Doan Nguyen

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Thuc Doan Nguyen was born in Vietnam. She survived life as a boat person refugee as a child, was sponsored to the US and spent her whole life in public school. She grew up in North Carolina and Southern Maryland and is a dual passport holder of the United States and the Republic of Ireland. Thuc has lived in London, United Kingdom, New York City and Los Angeles. When not in those places, you might find her in rural out of the way small towns or in her spiritual home of New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a journalist and essayist for major publications like "The Los Angeles Times," "PBS," "The Daily Beast," "Esquire Magazine," "Southern Living," "VICE," "Refinery29," "Vogue" and several others. She is also a screenwriter who creates feature scripts centering Women of Color, including the upcoming drama, "Scent of the Delta," starring Tiffany Pham and directed by Adele Free Pham. She’s part of award-winning teams for commercial work and is responsible for the viral satire Toni Lahren, spoofing Tomi Lahren. Thuc has also done punch-up work for Paramount Studios’ features division.