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Margaret Judson

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A powerful force in both journalism and entertainment, CNN producer and "The Newsroom" star Margaret Judson joins us to discuss her career, ultimate truths and inspiration. She’s now up for an Emmy (Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama series) for her work in the hit series, “Strut,” for which she also recently won the Best Supporting Actress award at the New York Independent Film Festival. The series was also a participant in the Tribeca Film Festival. Margaret can also be seen in the HBO drama, “The Deuce," the ABC comedy, “Modern Family,” and the supernatural thriller, “Bornless Ones.”

Judson’s broadcast career began at the NBC Page Program, where she worked with television personalities such as Lorne Michaels, Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams, before moving on to write and produce for prime time cable shows like "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" and "The Ed Show." She further contributes to the arts as a member of the Television Academy and as a Fellow for Tribeca Film Festival's Disruptor Foundation, alongside talents including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ava Duvernay and Fran Lebowitz. In addition to her passion for acting, Judson continues her work in journalism as a producer at CNN.