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Reinhard Denke

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Reinhard Denke grew up in Texas and is a graduate of USC Film School. He got his start as a writer in 2009 with his spec script “Sex, Greed, Money, Murder and Chicken Fried Steak” about the Cullen Davis murders in Fort Worth, Texas. The script was chosen for the prestigious Hollywood Blacklist. The film is currently in pre-production with Amicus Pictures and Mercury Media. In 2013, he wrote “Far Below” for David Oyelowo, and was hired to rewrite 2015’s “Captive," starring Oyelowo, Kate Mara, and Michael K. Williams. He also wrote a TV pilot and series entitled “Golden Gate” about 1960’s era San Francisco that has been optioned by Demarest Films, and wrote the limited TV series “Vanished” for Straight Up Films and Truly Original Entertainment. Reinhard adapted “The Lives of Beryl Markham” for Rock Island Films; it is now entitled “Undaunted." He wrote the screenplay “Ackia” for the Chickasaw Nation and award-winning director Nathan Frankowski. Also for the Chickasaw Nation, Reinhard wrote “Montford; Chickasaw Rancher," which currently plays on Netflix. He adapted “The Madman of Music”," a bio of composer George Anthiel and movie actress Hedy Lamar. He also wrote “Moonchild," the story of Linda Kasabian and her ordeal with the Manson Family, for director Marcus Nispel and producer Adam Krentzmann.