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Serah Henesay

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Born & bred in Sydney, Australia to European/Middle Eastern parents Serah danced from a young age. After joining Youth Theater at age 16, she finished her training in London, where she performed in both period & contemporary plays. Serah is an award-winning actress, with an established career in Europe. She was a lead on a hugely successful sitcom in Turkey for four years. She also kick-boxes, performs her own stunts (including wire work), and has had several lead roles in drama, action, comedy and thriller features. 

After accruing a huge following and success on Turkish TV for several years, she enjoyed TV shows in Germany, Holland, the UK & shot several films in Bulgaria. Later, Serah moved to Los Angeles to pursue a more international career. Since then, she has enjoyed roles on "Ray Donovan," "Scandal," "Entourage," and other series, while also performing in several plays, including most recently Darren Bousman's ("SAW II," "III," "IV" & "Spiral") "Theatre Macabre." Her latest venture, "The Surprise Visit," is one she both stars in & produced. This is her first time producing a film. "The Surprise Visit" story belongs to Nathan Cowles & Serah & is based on a true story that took place on the historical Virginia estate it was filmed on.