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Christina Toth

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Episode notes

Orange is the New Black” star Christina Toth, who played Annalisa Damiva in seasons 6 and 7, dishes on acting methods in front of the camera and under the bright theater lights onstage. Other TV and film credits include HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” Discovery’s “A Crime to Remember,” Prime’s “Bumbld,” BRIC TV’s “All Hail Beth,” “Consensus Reality,” “Inside the Rain,” “Crowddating,” “Frankie: Italian Roulette,” “Taste,” “Disconnected,” “Black Star,” “Ovum,” “Night Time She Lay Sleep,” “Jane St.,” “The Latents” and “Blooming Flowers.”

Christina is the resident artist of theatre company The Bridge Production Group. She performed in their productions of Richard 3 (Lady Anne), Red Light Winter (Christina), The Blue Room (woman) and most recently in the New York premiere of SEE YOU (The New Ohio Theatre), a play by French Canadian playwright Guillaume Corbeil. She’s now on the Emmy ballot for her new television series, “Strut.”