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Esther Perel: Is your relationship “normal”?

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Dua asks beloved psychotherapist and podcaster Esther Perel all her burning questions (and some of yours, too!) about sex and dating, communication breakdowns in couples and how to fix them, how to keep curiosity alive in a partnership, and so, so much more. Whether you’ve never been in a relationship, are in a long-term partnership, or fall somewhere in between, Esther covers all your bases and then some. Throughout their conversation, you’ll hear Dua and Esther discuss practical advice and exchange real-world tips and tricks that you can take with you into your own relationships – including how to engage your partner in a dialogue about intimacy concerns, “freshening up” a relationship when you’re feeling its lulls, questions you should ask someone you’ve just started seeing, and more. And – spoiler alert – no matter what you are into, there’s no such thing as “normal” in a relationship! To get in touch, please send us an email to [email protected] — and if you’re enjoying the show, make sure to subscribe so that you are the first to hear about any new episodes of At Your Service. You can follow @service95 on Instagram and Twitter for all Dua Lipa: At Your Service updates. To receive the Service95 newsletter, introduced each week by Dua, subscribe at www.service95.com