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Is France booming or bust, Paris QR codes explained and how to drive like a Frenchwoman?

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This week on Talking France we explore more of the big issues in France such as... who'll actually need a special QR security code during the Paris Olympics, why male motorists in France are being urged to drive like women and why the future is uncertain for Normandy's famous D-Day beaches as the 80th anniversary of the landings approaches.

And is France doomed or is it booming? With the French government bragging about record foreign investment we try and work out whether the country’s economy really is in a healthy condition.

And on the subject of health, why is getting blood tests in France such a confusing process? 

To help answer these questions will be The Local France's special intelligence unit of Emma "the editor" Pearson, Gen, the journalist Mansfield and John the politics, economy and Normandy beaches expert, Lichfield. They'll join host Ben McPartland.

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