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Will mass strikes bring France to a halt in the 'mother of all battles' ahead?

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Episode notes

You join us at a really crucial moment, for France, for President Emmanuel Macron, for the French trade unions and of course for anyone living in the country or visiting.

That’s because what’s been billed as the ‘mother of all battles’ - is about to begin between unions and striking workers on one side and the French government on the other.

At the centre of it all is the government's controversial plans to reform pensions.

Will France be brought to a standstill? Who and where will be worst hit by the industrial action?

How long will this battle go on for? Can France’s trade unions still put up a fight?

Will Macron cave in? How can I avoid disruption if I’m in France? And should I cancel my upcoming holiday in France?

Those are just some of the many questions we will try and answer during this week’s episode.

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