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Is the Entente Cordiale still worth anything, France's new rail pass and 'crookie' versus croissant?

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Episode notes

On this week's Talking France we talk about trains, croissants, the Le Pens, French bashing and the sexy subject of tax declarations in France.

France is about to test a new 49 euro rail pass to encourage people to get onto trains. We explain who can take advantage of it and where you can use it.

Plus it's 120 years of the entente cordiale between France and the UK, we will explore whether there's any real entente between the two countries these days and whether or not it's even cordial. 

And French far right stalwart Jean-Marie Le Pen is a talking point this week. Does he deserve any credit for shaking up French politics in recent decades, or is he just a racist in the right place at the right time…?

And people have been meddling with croissants again! We've had fish-fingers and sausages, what on earth are they putting in these sacred pastries now? I'll give you a clue... it's been called a crookie.

Ben McPartland your host is joined this week by three of the finest minds at The Local France, Emma Pearson, Gen Mansfield and John Lichfield. 

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