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Is France heading for a Greek-style debt crisis and the most beautiful French train journeys?

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"It's gone wild," "It's a meltdown" - these were just some of the shocked reactions to news that France is in a fair bit of debt and it's getting worse. We explain how it could affect you and whether the crisis could bring down the French government this summer.

As well as debt, we look at wealth and just how much money you have to have to be considered rich in France. 

And away from money, we'll reveal a few of France's most beautiful train rides, teach you a little about radical French painters and tell you what's going to change in France this April. And if you've never heard of the "Giboulées de Mars" - then find out what they are.

Ben McPartland your host is joined by three volunteers who have kindly offered to help this week: Emma Pearson, Gen Mansfield and Jon Lichfield, otherwise known as The Local France.

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