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French political crisis deepens and what's so difficult about settling in France?

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Episode notes

Welcome to a new episode of Talking France, a podcast by The Local, for anyone interested in what’s going on in France.

And right now there’s a lot going on in France.

For example, an almighty political crisis over President Emmanuel Macron’s contentious move to raise the pension age from 62 to 64.

We have all the latest on how the battle is playing out, including on the streets where hundreds of protests, some violent, have taken place in recent days. 

We look at what’s going to happen next and what it all means for the king of France himself, sorry the president of France Emmanuel Macron. He gave his first real interview on pensions reform this week.

We also try to answer a question many readers are asking right now: Do I need to cancel my trip to France because of the crisis?

And away from strikes and protests, we also look at what a new survey revealed about why foreign residents find France a difficult country to get settled in. What’s harder to master, the language or the paperwork?

Paris Olympics organisers are looking for tens of thousands of volunteers for the 2024 games - we explain how you could qualify.

And finally stay tuned to the end to find out some useful tips for how you can avoid offending French people.

Host Ben McPartland, will be joined this week by The Local France’s editor Emma Pearson, journalist Gen Mansfield and the man who can decode French politics for us John Lichfield.

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