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What French airport bomb alerts mean for travel and could a second homes visa become a reality?

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Given the number of bomb alerts at French airports and tourist sites is it wise to travel to the country right now? And whilst many dream of retiring to France how easy it to actually do it, both practically and emotionally? We examine these questions and more in the new episode of Talking France. Article links below.


Welcome to a new episode of Talking France, a podcast by The Local.

In this week’s episode we will do, as our name promises, and talk about France. In roughly 30 minutes we’ll bring up to date with the main news stories and try to answer some of the big issues and questions our listeners have about the country.

To start with, is it wise to come to France right now, given there have been numerous bomb alerts at airports and evacuations at tourist sites.

We’ll tell you about a new museum of the French language that’s opened in a place in northern France I’ve never heard of.

We’ll also examine whether one French senator’s plan to make the lives of second home owners in the country easier could really work and explain just how easy - or difficult it is - for people to retire in France these days.

And finally can you really be deported for joining a protest in France?

To answer all these questions host Ben McPartland will call on the help of two very special individuals, The Local’s Emma Pearson and Gen Mansfield.

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