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Why are French property taxes shooting up and what's in store for 'la rentrée'?

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French property tax bills have begun to arrive and many property-owners are seeing a steep increase in the fees. We'll explain why and what it means for homeowners. Plus we will take a look at what this year's "rentrée" will mean for France.


Thanks for joining us for what is the first episode of the autumn, although it feels like the middle of summer in France this week given the scorching temperatures in much of the country.

We are all refreshed, rested and slightly sunburned and eager to get going again discussing the big talking points in France as well as decoding some of the important cultural and practical questions around life in the country.

There is of course lots to talk about in France now that everyone is back to work, including the country’s politicians, who are already involved in an almighty row about clothes. 

We’ll start the show this week by looking at what La Rentrée means in France this year. We’ll also explain why property taxes have shot up in France and what that means for homeowners. And the Rugby World Cup kicks off in France on Friday. We’ll get the lowdown on what is a huge event taking place across the country.

And we’ll also have news about a well known French film star, who has been in the headlines this week.

And stay tuned to the end to find out why the French spend so much time eating and drinking.

Host Ben McPartland will be joined once again for this new series by The Local France’s Emma Pearson and Gen Mansfield as well as French politics expert John Lichfield.

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