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Why the European elections really matter in France plus deadly floods and French casinos

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This week on Talking France we get the lowdown on the European Elections and why in France at least it's looking like it will be a resounding victory for ... Vladimir Putin. We'll also explain why southern France will likely see more deadly floods in future and try to understand why certain French towns are allowed casinos and why others, including Paris, are not.

President Emmanuel Macron has angered yet more people in France this week with his latest reform around assisted dying. We'll look at what will change and who's angry about it. And is the most useful place in France your local post office? You can do far more there than just buy stamps and we'll tell you exactly what.

Ben McPartland your host is joined this week by The Local France team. As usual Emma Pearson Gen Mansfield and John Lichfield will be doing most of the Talking on this week's Talking France.

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