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Vision For a New $EARTH with Utkarsh Patel │ Season 3 Episode 22 🎧

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Episode notes

Can the Solarpunk movement offer the blueprint for a greener, more sustainable future? In this episode of ReFi Podcast, host John Ellison and guest Utkarsh Patel from Solarpunk DAO explore this thought-provoking question. A few weeks ago, Solarpunk DAO unveiled $EARTH coin, a bold initiative designed to transition individuals from petrochemical finances to regenerative, eco-friendly money with just a few clicks. 

While explicitly not investment advice, this conversation offers a deep educational journey into Utkarsh's lifelong immersion in nature and his critical examination of the root causes behind climate change, biodiversity loss, topsoil degradation, and more. Utkarsh shares his Solarpunk vision for the future, reflecting on his journey from studying environmental sciences to becoming a pioneering entrepreneur in sustainable development across India and beyond. From their early encounters in Founders Circles, John was struck by Utkarsh's fierce determination to advance his vision. 

In this episode, you will: 

  • 🌿 Discover the revolutionary concept of $EARTH coin by Solarpunk DAO, aimed at transitioning individuals from conventional, petrochemical finances to a regenerative, eco-friendly monetary system.

  • 🧠 Dive deep into Utkarsh's journey from a nature-immersed childhood to becoming a leader in sustainable entrepreneurship, and his insights into the complex crisis of climate change and biodiversity collapse.

  • 💡 Explore the innovative projects and partnerships within the Solarpunk DAO community, including their unique crypto-economic designs and commitment to financing environmental regeneration.

    A special thanks to Marcio Vilela for the beautiful art photography on the wall from his Superflora collection in the Amazon.








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