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Angry Teenagers with Ben an Eline from Ecomint

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John Ellison sits with Ben and Eline from Ecomint, and they discuss the stories and details behind Angry Teenagers; An NFT collection which is funding a reforestation project on depleted land in Ghana as well as investing in badly needed infrastructure for the local communities who are deeply involved with the on-ground work there. This is a great chat about a really exciting #refi project that leverages the energy and urgency of the youth of the world and aims to draw a direct line between investors and real world impact using #nfts, community building and the power of #web3

00:00 Intro 02:25 What is angry teenagers? 03:40 Eline's background 04:54 Unpacking The NFT collection 10:33 Making this work fun and engaging, artwork and branding.. 12:33 Governance - Opt-out voting 14:29 Active action, not passive 15:29 The Ghana Project 19:06 Positive externalities for local communities 23:45 The Ecology of Money 26:00 Managing frontline communication and dealing with misconception 29:00 Game changer for the charity and donation world 30:25 Organization architecture 33:15 Verifiers, buyers, who are they? 38:36 Carbon offset messaging doesn't work 42:40 The unit economics 47:00 Just regeneration, not preservation? 48:17 Who else is working on this? 51:40 CTA Follow Ben and Eline and check out Angry Teenagers: Website: On Twitter: Ben on Twitter: Eline on Twitter:  -------------------------------------------- Join the conversation on Twitter, follow: Thanks to our friends at Feed Ignite for the podcast and micro-content production: