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Public Goods Ecosystem with Luuk Weber and Monty Merlin │ Season 3 Episode 23 🎧

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Episode notes

Welcome to another episode of the ReFi Podcast! Today, we're thrilled to feature Luuk Weber from Kolektivo and Monty Merlin from ReFi DAO, alongside seven other stewards who are making waves within the Celo community. This episode is a deep dive into their pioneering efforts to earmark a substantial amount of capital from the Celo Community Fund. The focus? Supporting the burgeoning ecosystem of public goods that are emerging as a cornerstone in the fight against climate change through regenerative economics in the digital realm.

🌱 What We Discuss:

  • The definition and importance of public goods, especially in the context of climate action.

  • How the emergence of regenerative economics translates into tangible impacts in the real world.

  • The role of blockchain and digital finance in addressing crucial issues like climate change, and social, and economic injustice.

  • A sneak peek into the origins of Ethereum, the hurdles of funding ecosystem development, and the broader implications for open-source software.

  • An exciting six-month initiative that has allocated over 1.7 million in cUSD and 700,000 in CELO to pilot this visionary project.

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