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Scaling Carbon Markets with Dana and Phil from Flowcarbon

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John and Simar are joined by Dana & Phil from Flowcarbon and have a great chat about how their backgrounds led to the inception of Flowcarbon, the amazing work they've been doing to help project developers on the ground. The public consultation they've been leaning into and devoting so much time to with all the different voluntary carbon market participants. The background work that's gone into the new centrifuge pools for carbon forward projects, and what they expect to happen in the next six months for tokenizing assets and entering a new era of a liquid supply of carbon credits flowing both on and off-chain.

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Charles Eisenstein

00:00 Intro
02:32 Flowcarbon overview
05:30 Phil's background
07:47 Dana's background
11:53 Price discovery in carbon market
15:39 Two Way Bridge
22:08 Project Finance. Centrifuge
25:48 The Supply & Demand
29:16 The Projects on the Ground
30:40 Behind the Scenes
34:25 Whats Needed Before Mass Adoption
39:36 Future Forecast
44:05 CTA

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