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ERC-Cool with Leanne from Trés Cool Labs

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Episode notes

Johnx25bd is joined by Leanne Bats, founder of Trés Cool Labs and Co-Author of the new ERC-Cool Standard which is looking to embed climate action through carbon removal technologies into the cultural fabric of Web3.

The chat covers:
Leanne's background in marketing, psychology and sports...
Her calling into climate and web3...
The power of storytelling to galvanize climate action
And much more...

Meet the ERC-Cool.
An improved implementation on the Ethereum standard smart contract ERC721A, that weaves real world, perpetual carbon removal into any NFT use case that adopts it."
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"After a cocktail of mother instinct, too little sleep and one too many climate documentaries,
I have been building...  And I won't stop until climate action is the definition of cool."

Mentioned in the show:
SBS Columbia
How the World Really Works - Vaclav Smil
Sacred Economics - Charles Eisenstein

00:00 Intro
01:13 Leanne's Journey
05:00 Sport & Web3 Connection
06:00 Why Climate?
08:00 Why Web3?
15:00 A digital world that fixes the physical world
20:24 Embedding Climate Action at the Base Layer
22:00 ERC-Cool Explainer
25:00 Green Hushing
30:46 How's ERC-Cool going?
32:28 How does it work?
36:10 The First Users
38:28 Storytelling
44:55 Mass Adoption
51:24 Mint of Intent
53:00 CTA


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