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Human Empowerment with Marko from Impact Market

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Episode notes

John and Simar welcome Marko from Impact Market, "The human empowerment protocol" which provides accessible financial services and tools to empower underprivileged people worldwide, and is based on the values of Unconditional Basic Income. 00:00 Intro 03:51 What is Impact Market? 06:43 Unconditional Basic Income Philosophy.. 10:00 Financial Inclusion Problem 16:06 Empowerment stories 18:37 The Story of Money 22:02 Deploying on Celo 26:45 John unpacks Impact 27:28 What happens if available money runs out? 32:40 Future Prospects of Impact Market 35:30 CTA -------------------------------------------- Follow Marko, and check out Impact Market: Website: LinkedIn: -------------------------------------------- Join the conversation on Twitter, follow: Thanks to our friends at Feed Ignite for the podcast and micro-content production: