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Nature, Culture & The Sacred, with Nina Simons

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John and Simar are joined by founder of Bioneers, and author of Culture, Nature & The Sacred, Nina Simons. Nina details her discoveries made in life that put her on her journey to strive for a better, healthier world for nature and ourselves. The discussion is like a winding river that steps into the heart of regeneration, and so many lessons can be learned and cultivated to enrich our behaviours, relationships and collective goals on our ReFi journey...

Mentioned in the Show

Caroline Casey
Seeds of Change
Movie: The Burning Times
Carl Jung
James Hansen
Biomimicry Janine Benyus
Zaina Salbi
Beloved Economies

00:00 Intro
05:27 Nina's Journey
10:03 Creating Bioneers
13:00 Archetypal Feminine Masculine
15 :56 Unlocking the Feminine
External Masculine Tendencies
21:40 How do we connect different movements?
27:45 How to Bring in More Nurturing/Caring
31:00 Cultivating Fields of Pluralism
38:50 Maintaining the Regenerative Spirit
43:00 Bringing new thinking to Climate Emergency

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