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Investing in Climate and Impact Fintech with David Rodriguez from Draft Ventures

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Episode notes

This week, John and Simar are joined by David Rodriguez from Draft Ventures, a leading seed stage venture capital fund that has invested in over 75 companies, eight of which have become unicorns. David is an active investor in ReFi, climate software, and impact fintech. He reveals his inspirations, aspirations, investment theses, perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in ReFi, and the launch of his new venture fund.

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References: Larry Fink
Charles Eisenstein
UN sustainability goals  

00:00 Intro
02:36 About David/Draft
04:34 Journey into impact and climate
08:50 MRV
12:47 Case for investing in ReFi
16:20 Listening to climate calling
19:30 David's definition of ReFi
25:05 Financial Inclusion
36:30 Investment theses
40:52 Core Practices
42:06 ReFi CTA
46:35 Approaching investment in ReFi space
51:51 Connect with David


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