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BONUS - Moojibaba’s Story

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Episode notes

Welcome to a special bonus episode of “I Am”! Our guest this week is the remarkable Mooji, and we had the privilege of an extended conversation beyond our main guest episode. In this additional hour, Mooji graciously shares a captivating story of his spiritual journey, including his experiences with religion, significant moments in Brixton and Rishikesh, and the profound insights gained along the way. This condensed 20-minute version offers a glimpse into the depth and richness of Mooji’s life and his profound connection to a higher dimension of existence. Join us as we explore the transformative path that led him to his current wisdom and understanding. Get ready to be inspired!

To keep up with Mooji, access his talks, Satsangs, or just to keep up with what he is up to, please visit mooji.org

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