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24 {Catherine Stephen} Receiving a cancer diagnosis you are too young for

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Episode notes

Trigger warning: this episode discusses cancer, and endometriosis

This episode’s guest is an incredibly strong woman who has battled through a lot.

Catherine Stephen was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer at a much younger age than is normally expected.

The five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer in Australia is just 48%, meaning those diagnosed get less than half a chance of surviving five years from their diagnosis

After going through surgeries and treatment she was also diagnosed and struggled with endometriosis.

Catherine has very kindly offered to share her story of the challenges she overcame and the inspiring lessons she learnt from her journey.

In today’s episode Catherine shares:

-      How hard it was to get a doctor to actually get her tested

-      The horrifying moment she discovered she had a toxic mass in her abdomen

-      The 10 year process of overcoming the cancer

-      How she has handled the added struggle of endometriosis

Key Quotes

“They said we can’t believe this hasn’t ruptured and you’re still alive.”

“I didn’t realise how much I hadn’t addressed the trauma.”

“Its like you’ve been swimming underwater for 10 years and you come up for air and everything’s different.”

“People make a lot of assumptions about you being a woman without children without even knowing you.”

“I’ve had people say things are easier for me because I don’t have kids.”

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