Challenges That Change Us

2 {James Horsburgh} Handling the negative to live the positive

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Episode notes

Welcome to the second episode of the podcast Challenges that Change Us, where we interview people who have overcome or dealt with challenges to find out how dealt with them and what lessons they have learnt.

For this episode I’m really excited to introduce you to one of the most incredible men I know, James Horsburgh Aka Teddy. His perseverance, determination and positive attitude is admired by so many.

Teddy and I both lived on campus together while studying law.

On the 7th of October 2004 I found out that something had gone seriously wrong for Teddy after he had dived into a water fountain after a night out with our mate and was airlifted to Royal North Shore Hospital after dislocating his neck.

In today’s episode Teddy shares:

-      Exactly what it was like in the initial moments of this horrible trauma

-      How he kept going and stayed afloat mentally in some of the darkest moments while in hospital

-      How he personally embraces and deals with negativity in a way that allows him to lead a positive life.

Key Quotes

“If you focus on the negative then of course it’s going to be negative. But if you focus on the positive then life’s much more enjoyable I’ve found”

“If you have a positive frame of mind and you have the ability to focus on what’s important and distract yourself from those things that are getting you down, then the rest of your life seems to have a positive overtone to it”

“Allow yourself to be negative for 5 or 10 minute, but have a strategy to diver your mind”

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