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60 {Peter Holtmann} Changing careers with no safety net

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Episode notes

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The weeks episode is with the very impressive Peter Holtmann of Holtmann Professional Services.

Peter is a visionary business leader who  was Formerly the President and CEO of a global non-profit. But when the lifestyle was taking a toll on him he decided to make a big career change, which left him wondering what he would do, how he would do it and how he could continue to support his family in the way he was with the finances of a CEO.

In this episode Peter shares:

-      How his background in science and management lead to a career of travelling around the world

-      The toll that a high level CEO non for profit job took on him

-      The moments he realised he needed to make a change

-      The story he told himself in his head

-      His fears and challenges that he faced in making a career change

-      His advice for others on how to make a big career change

Key Quotes

“Don’t be put off by rejection and failure. It’s just part of the building process.”

“Just keep moving forward because when you look back over the days and the weeks and the months, you've actually made progress.”

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