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Thierry Malleret: New Values For An Interconnected World

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“You cannot be individually well, if you live in a society that is profoundly unwell.”

Thierry Malleret is an economist and original thinker who’s worked in investment banks and leading institutions including the World Economic Forum and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He’s the founder of the Monthly Barometer which evaluates risk for high-level decision makers, and has a longstanding interest in how wellbeing underpins successful organisations, economies and societies.

In this episode of Health To Wealth, Thierry discusses the nature of wellbeing and the related wellness sector; how wellbeing is becoming a greater priority for mankind as societies become wealthier; and the fundamental connection to the environment, to biodiversity and to nature. And of course he talks about his passion for walking in the mountains near his home in Chamonix – and the part that plays in his own mental health and creativity.

CONTENT WARNING:  References to eating disorders.  References to anxiety.  

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